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Vysehrad: the most haunted district in Europe


There are places that beyond its charm, captivate us with the legends and magic that surround them: Transylvania in Romania, Note Dame in Paris, Salem in USA … and in the case of Central Europe undoubtedly, Vysehrad, aneighbourhood in Prague which deserves a place in this list.

The Devil, St. Luke, St. Longnus, a living cemetery, thirty-four ghosts, and a thousand other legends are part of this hill of the Czech capital from where more than just a beautiful scenery can be seen….also part of the underworld.

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The birthplace of Prague

We cannot start talking about Vysehrad without mentioning its foundational character. A pagan mythical princess, Libuse, daughter of the Czech homeland father, Cech, chose a hill above the Vltava River and launched a prophecy that still exists between the earth and sky of the eternal Prague: “In this place it will grow a town whose fame and glory will reach the stars.” So it was and that is why many Czech legends state that in this hill that now has houses, a graveyard, and a famous black church, the beautiful Prague was born.

A cemetery full of protective spirit

Who celebrates the death is because enjoys the life. So in this corner do not hesitate to praise the darkness that surroundsthelegends. If you come to Prague to enjoy its colorful spirit, its “dancing house” do not hesitate, your places at a hotel in Prague old town, a fact that does not prevent you to enjoy (and is so advise) of this unique neighbourhood.

“Vysehrad is the perfect neighborhood for hunters of legends which, like much or not, unquestionably enjoy a privileged stage for the imagination”

The legend says that not only the city emerged from its rocks, but also an army of nobles who comeback to life carrying their weapons when the Czech nation is in danger. That is why so once a year, you can hear the dull roar of a lion, and if this gets no response, the nobles emerge ready to protect the country.


An ode to life and respect for death

Specters that are not alone, as 34 souls seem to roam at night of Vysehrad inside the fortress, including the soul of Princess Libuse. And if they seem few, sinister headless dogs become fireballs at dawn. That is how we were convinced that to meet living among the living, it is better to respect the dead.

“Far from it may seem, Vysehrad is one of the favorite places of Czech for eternal rest. A magical and beloved place.”

Therefore, it is no coincidence that Vysehrad has been chosen to host the Slavín, a sort of National Pantheon where the remains of the most famous Czechs are buried, because the Czechs themselves know that among these lands will find a place where your rest will be respected for eternal glory to the Czechs and the Czech homeland.