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Top 5 Things To Do In Scotland’s Capital – Have A Holiday With A Difference in Edinburgh!


Edinburgh is a wonderful city; there is an atmosphere to it that somehow sets it apart from everywhere else in the United Kingdom. One of the best things about this city is that you can access most of the attractions without having to spend a fortune on entrance fees or joining long queues to get in. The city is also compact enough for you to explore over a weekend so you can make sure that you get to spend as much time as you want in your favourite places in the city.

See Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle dominates the city skyline, sitting as it does at the highest point of the old part of the city. As you approach the castle from the Royal Mile you are following in the footsteps of centuries of people who have made the same pilgrimage. The views over the city that you get from the castle are incredible, as are the canons that edge the battlements. This is where Scotland’s crown jewels are kept, and considering this is still a working barracks they should be perfectly safe where they are.

Experience a Ghost Tour

The old town is rife with stories of unsavoury happenings, spectres and ghouls and as you walk around the narrow alleyways between the old tenement buildings in the heart of the old city you will probably feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. If you are finding the streets of the city a little tame and crave a little more excitement take a trip to the other, even older Edinburgh, beneath the bustling streets of the city. The Blair Street Vaults and Mary Kelly’s Close are just waiting for you to explore them. Down here there is no natural light, only lots of dark corners and even darker tales.

Visit Arthurs Seat

Despite the way that it sounds this is not some ornate chair lurking in the recesses of a museum. Arthur’s Seat is actually a mountain. There are a number of paths that you can follow that will take you up to the summit where you will experience some of the most incredible views of the city and surrounding area. Bear in mind that even on the brightest of summer’s days it can still be quite blustery up there so you might want to take a coat.

Visit the National Museum of Scotland

Regarded as one of the finest museums in the world the National Museum of Scotland is located on Chambers Street. This place makes the perfect place to spend a day if the weather takes a turn for the worse, and there are lots of interactive activities and exhibitions that the kids will enjoy too.

Take a Walk Along Princes Street

Princes Street is the main shopping street, if not the main street in what was the new part of the city. One side of the street is completely lined with all of the stores that would expect to see in a city like this, but on the other side you will get a real look at the old city, complete with its castle.