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The Activities Found on MusandamKhasab Tours


Khasab is a city located in Musandam that is filled with old and new traditions. Visitors go on tours to see the city and travel on luxurious dhows that glide through miles of sea water. The boat guides take them snorkelling or drop them off at scenic beaches. People visit this part of the Arab world to learn more about its exotic culture and unique geography. There are many different activities that they can do in Musandam.


Dhow Cruises

A dhow cruise awaits anyone who wants to experience luxury on the water. An Arabian dhow combines the elements of Arabian traditions with modern luxury. With lateen sails and simple wooden vessels, the dhows glide for miles through the waters. On this cruise, you can see the fjords that make up the landscapes of Musandam.

The trip lasts for a few hours or a few days, based on your preferences. The luxury lies in the various treatments available to you on board. Everyone has different ways of enjoying boat cruises. The tour company you choose depends on the amount of luxury you want.

Khasab Tours

Khasab is the capital of Oman that extends for 700 square miles. It is a major Arabian city that attracts many tourists around the world. MusandamKhasab tour packages are given to anyone who wants to experience the old and new cultures first-hand.

Khasab is located on the Musandam peninsula and found near the Strait of Hormuz, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The city has a unique geography that includes open sea waters, fjords and mountains. The Arabian seas and the beaches are major attractions for visitors locally and abroad.

Tour Guides

You cannot explore the Musandam region by yourself. You need tour guides who know the area along with its customs and geography. Deep sea fishing is an activity that many people like to do on the open seas. Finding local fishing guides is the way to find the best spots in the area.

To enjoy the luxuries of boat cruises, you need guides. If you are a stranger in that region, you are not able to navigate through the sea properly. The local guides know which areas have the most activity for looking at the sea animals.

When you look at tour packages, choose an exceptional tour company. You have to settle for good tour guides and not average ones. These guides know all about the Khasab region, which includes its culture, history and residents.

Traveling to Arabian lands is a goal for many people. However, they tend to visit the most well-known places, such as India and Dubai, and forget about the lesser-known ones. Oman is an important country that is typically forgotten among the others. Within this country is the Musandam region along with the city of Khasab. A few major attractions are the boat cruises that move through the fjords and open seas. Whether you prefer marine life or cultural attractions, there are plenty of sights to see on your Musandam tours.