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Which Cruise Lines Are The Best For Honeymooners?

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The best part about getting married is perhaps the long-awaited honeymoon. While getting married can be stressful, the fruit of your labor comes when the honeymoon is around the corner – a period that guarantees tranquility, relaxation, and a whole lot of love, all tied into one neat bow.

While there are many destinations you can fly to for your honeymoon, why not spend it in the most romantic setting of them all – the ocean? With beautiful hues of blue and the sun shining down upon your room every day, there could be nothing more romantic than that.

Below are some of the best cruise lines for honeymooners:

Scenic Cruises’ Scenic Aura

For the couple that loves exotic places and would wish to travel to Asia, it is best to start here. This cruise takes you to through the lush rivers and of Myanmar and is packed with its great history and beauty.

Since the ship was only launched in September, it is new and has a modern design. In addition to that, it has a capacity of 44 passengers, which is a perfect number. With a small number of people, you are guaranteed tranquility and a whole lot of romance under the beautiful Myanmar sky.

Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Esprit

This ship is all-new and features luxurious furniture, metallic accents, and hard wood floors. In addition to that, it has a capacity of only 68 people, which makes it less of a cruise and more of a mega yacht that you will never want to leave.

This cruise takes you through the Seychelles islands in Africa, a group of islands known to be remote and of course, extremely beautiful. What’s more? For a group of 31 couples, they have 91 butlers – so, if you are looking for something particular, they have got you covered. Think anything could go wrong here? Yup, we don’t think so, either.

Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity

Islands and beaches scream romance as there is something about the ocean that couples love very much. This cruise takes you to multiple islands in the Caribbean and stops there so that you may enjoy your day in those islands. When done, board the ship and you will find wines and cocktails waiting to welcome you. For the ladies, pack your best dresses as you will not want to miss the sundowners on the ship.

Regent’s Seven Seas Explorer

It is everybody’s dream to visit Europe, and what better way to do it than to travel through the Mediterranean sea? The ship is all-new, so expect the best out of it. This cruise takes you to destinations like Rome, Florence, Athens, and even islands like Capri and Mykonos. On top of that, each room features a wide balcony that just keeps you up there all day, wanting to admire the view. I mean, we can’t wait to get married if this is what is coming for us.

Siverseas’ Silver Spirit

South America is the continent filled with color and is as vibrant as ever. Not to mention, their rich history is something that makes it worth visiting in this lifetime. Imagine traveling through Buenos Aires to have steak for dinner; a few days after, you find yourself touring Rio De Janeiro. If you are not one for the big cities, pick a more remote itinerary – with all the beautiful islands there, you may have a difficult time choosing.

Needless to say, the best of the best cruise lines will definitely know what to do in the case that you are unwell. Other than that, make sure to clear your mind and enjoy yourselves throughout your journey.
Which cruise lines are the best? It really depends if you are casual travelers, honeymooners, or travelers with a specific purpose. See our tips at www.bestcruiselines.co.