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The Best Reasons to Spend Your Vacation in Hurghada


Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most visited vacation destinations. It is situated near the beautiful Red Sea shore. For decades, it has been a beloved holiday locale. Port Ghalib is just south of Hurghada, and contains its own international marina. With an abundance of places to check out, this area is full of fun for visitors traveling from other countries.

Port Ghalib is one of the few travel destinations in Egypt that offers amazing diving opportunities. Scuba diving activities in Port Ghalib is so alluring, and vacationers are always amazed with the exquisite marine life and the underwater reefs it presents. Dive in and discover the ancient ruins south of Port Ghalib. In addition to scuba diving, the captivating coastline in Port Ghalib supplies you with a number of things to do, like sailing and kite surfing. Regularly blowing winds during the early morning to the late evening makes the Red Sea perfect for luxuriating.

For those of you who are less adventurous, most hotels or resorts in Hurghada offer more relaxing outdoor activities and water sports. Snorkel tours are very popular, for example. Additionally, a tour in a glass bottom boat, catamaran, canoe, paddleboat or submarine can also add to your Egypt luxury vacation experience.

A vacation in Port Ghalib isn’t complete until you view several of Hurghada’s most popular museums and art galleries. You can walk through the underwater world in the Marine Biology Museum. Discover a mesmerizing set of coral reefs, as well Red Sea creatures like sharks and turtles. If you are a history buff, the National Museum is a must-see. The 22,000-square-meter facility has performance spaces, four exhibition halls, and studios for artists. Browse historical antiques and learn about Egyptian history and the Islamic era.

An admired Egyptian vacation destination, Port Ghalib is also host to a number of stores and shopping centers. The local shops are renowned for their leather and gold carpet and clothing collections. Nearby the hotels, various gift shops sell pots, painted papyrus, statues, perfumes, rugs, postcards and more.

Port Ghalib is, without question, the greatest place to spend your vacation in.