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Best Places in Zurich that You Can Visit for Free


Zurich , the largest city in Switzerland, is an important tourist attraction due to its rich art, beautiful architecture and numerous places dedicated to social activities. It makes for a destination that anyone will find fun.

People can stroll around the streets, admiring the gorgeous views that are easily encountered in almost all parts of the city. Or they can explore the numerous museums and learn why so many are attracted by the city’s art and history.For those interested in exciting social experiences, there are numerous bars and clubs worth visiting. All in all, everyone who has a chance to visit the city should go for it.

If there was one drawback to the city, it would be the high prices. But fear not, as there are numerous free attractions to be found.

But let’s answer one of the question we see most often first.

I arrived in Zurich and don’t know the city. What is the best way of reaching my place of accomnodation?

When you arrive in the city, you will probably be excited but also intimidated. Having luggage with you and not being familiar with the place, public transportation can prove confusing, slow and uncomfortable. Instead, what we consider to be the best choice are Zurich airport taxi services.These are ideal for people who just arrived and look to get settled in a room quickly. It is a stress-free and comfortable trip, since you won’t go through the hassle of figuring out what route to take in a place you don’t know. Cab drivers are also excellent sources of information when you arrive in the city: they know the town and its attractions very well; when you couple that with their experience in communicating with tourists, it’s an ideal first contact with the locals. Other means of transportation are excellentafterwards.

Our favorite free attractions

Parks/Botanical Gardens

Zurich has beautfiul nature on display. From its numerous well-maintained parks to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens in the center of the city, these are some of the most appealing free attractions in Europe. With a huge number of plant species, attractive ponds and glasshouses, they provide an experience that will be remembered.

James Joyce Foundation

Ulysses, considered to be one of the most imporant books of the 20th century, was written in Zurich for the most part. This foundation provides two readings of James Joyce’s most known works each week. We consider the experience worthwhile even for those who are not passionate readers –it is a place of historical value, after all.


There are numerous gorgeous churches to be found in the old town. St Peter’s Church, Grossmünster and Fraumünster are just a few examples of breathtaking architecture with a fascinating history behind.

Lindenhof hill

The highest part of the old town, it offers gorgeous views over the whole city. A place of historical importance, it is also a beautfiul and relaxing public square offering activities such as bowling or chess on huge rock boards.

These are just a few of the free things you can do, with numerous others such as museums or lakes offering experiences that are equally memorable. While Zurich may be expensive in general, it has plenty to offer to those with a smaller budget as well.